Housing Discrimination

Too many individuals and groups continue to be blocked from renting or purchasing the homes they deserve because of their race, disability, sexual orientation, family status, or source of income. Landlords continue to lie to African Americans about whether there are vacancies in buildings or quote them higher rents in many predominantly white neighborhoods. Women of modest means continue to be sexually harassed by landlords and supers on a widespread basis. We frequently sue unscrupulous developers, landlords, real estate agents, architects, and banks that have discriminated against our clients, and routinely obtain significant monetary awards and extensive injunctive relief to ensure that defendants change their practices.

Noel v. City of New York

Together with Craig Gurian of the Anti-Discrimination Center, Inc., represent plaintiffs challenging New York City’s “community preference” policy, which perpetuates racial segregation and exacerbates racial discrimination already rampant in our city.

Fair Housing Justice Center v.
East 22nd Street Towers LLC

Obtained a financial settlement and significant injunctive relief for non-profit organization and African American testers where a building’s landlords and property managers blatantly discriminated on the basis of race.

Fair Housing Justice Center v.
JDS Development LLC

Represent the Fair Housing Justice Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting fair housing in New York City and surrounding counties, in a federal disability discrimination lawsuit against, among others, the developer of the American Copper Buildings in Manhattan, which has hundreds of documented violations of the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act.  Obtained landmark settlement requiring extensive retrofitting of widespread barriers to access, a $2.9 million monetary payment, and other injunctive relief.  The firm then brought a successful enforcement action before U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres, who retained jurisdiction over the settlement, and secured an additional $800,000 in damages for defendants’ failure to adhere to the remediation schedule.

Banks v. Various Landlords

Obtained an apartment and money damages for a woman who was denied the opportunity to rent an apartment – over and over and over again – just because she was using a Section 8 housing voucher.