We are one of the nation’s premier civil rights litigation boutiques. We pursue justice for our clients against institutions, governments, and powerful individuals.

Who We Are

We are experienced and aggressive advocates. We bring the strongest legal credentials and a shared passion for fighting injustice to each of our cases. 

What We Do

We deliver results. We obtain significant relief for our clients, in the form of money damages and court orders, through trials, arbitrations, and confidential settlements.

How We Do It

We master the facts and the law, develop novel legal approaches to challenging issues, and push our cases forward every day with our clients always in mind.

Notable Cases

Prince Andrew’s Shameful Affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein

With Gloria Allred, we have represented dozens of individuals who were victimized by Jeffrey Epstein. We stood with them as they bravely told their stories in public, as described in CBS News, NBC News, and The Guardian. We successfully obtained compensation for their harms in court and through the Epstein Victims Compensation Program.

Recently, we spoke out to discuss how shameful it is that Prince Andrew continues to reap the privileges of his position, even after associating with Epstein for years. Mariann Wang spoke about this to The Guardian and The Daily Mail.

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Biased NYPD Sexual Assault Investigations

On behalf of two sexual assault survivors, Cuti Hecker Wang attorneys filed suit against New York City alleging sex discrimination in the inadequate provision of police and investigative services to victims of rape and sexual assault. Read news coverage highlighting our lawsuit.  On June 30, 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice launched a systemic investigation into the NYPD’s gender-biased policing practices.

The Appeal

Zervos v. Trump

We represented Summer Zervos in her defamation lawsuit against Donald J. Trump for nearly three years, from its initial filing just before he took office, defeating multiple efforts in three different courts by Trump to have the case dismissed or stayed. Ms. Zervos bravely came forward as one of several women who reported being forcibly groped by Trump, who then falsely branded her as a liar.

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Rockefeller University Hospital

We have represented more than 250 victims of Dr. Reginald Archibald, a renowned pediatric endocrinologist who used his position at Rockefeller to abuse hundreds of children over many decades. We worked with our clients to advocate for passage of the Child Victims Act, have so far amicably resolved more than 200 claims, and are pursuing Rockefeller in the courts.

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Discrimination in Affordable Housing

Together with Craig Gurian of the Anti-Discrimination Center, Inc., we represent plaintiffs challenging New York City’s so-called “community preference” policy, which perpetuates racial segregation in an already segregated city.

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